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GFX Forums Rules

Post by Qartveli on Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:05 am

GFX Zone Rules

1) Negativity / Insults.

This can't be stressed enough. While we encourage you to be openly honest with the artists and designers on this hall, you need to approach every situation with some form of tact. Constructive criticism is the key to developing yourself and each other as successful artists, and bashing each other is not proper criticism. Don't get caught doing it, or you will regret it.

2) Good Posting Quality.

Don't waste forum space. Make your posts worthwhile. Making sure each of your responses has meet and substance will go a long way.

3) Be Courteous.

Treat everyone in the GFX Hall with respect. There's an old attache, "Treat others as you would want them unto you". If you wish to be treated as an equal, regardless of your level of experience, your courtesy goes a long way. We like our members, and we appreciate it when they like each other.

4) No linking to other sites.

We hold a strict policy against advertising on these boards. Any posts found with links that are not relative to MayaMU will be deleted without warning.

Show Your Skills In photoshop
If u will be good inaf we will make special GFX group

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