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!!! Tell Us Your plan For CS !!!

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!!! Tell Us Your plan For CS !!!

Post by Qartveli on Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:57 pm

Ok we will offer our strategy as soon as forums will be
open for all alliance members for now
alliance is still "under constraction" Razz
so For now We need to think something out
because When we will join CS we must have not 1 but few plans
also Try to finde more SOL's
and make Life Stones
But this topic is all about strategy
tell us what kinde of Partys u think is best
what kinde of attacking or defending style/plan
We will take every idea under consideration
Topic will be moved to special section once we will annaunce
FInal strategy and only those hwo will be in VIcious Member(will make new groupe)
V.i.P AllianceGM GM AGM groups will be able to view topic
so for now topic is open for all of our members

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Re: !!! Tell Us Your plan For CS !!!

Post by aN00Bis on Wed Aug 04, 2010 5:37 pm

mine is.........for def
block entrance and have DL/SM and some bk inside while most of us are outside blocking gate...

for offense...
id say...have DL kill first then bk goes in with ms

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