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Forum Rules! [Read!]

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Forum Rules! [Read!]

Post by Qartveli on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:03 am

Basic Forum Rules:
1. No swearing
2.No Nude/porn pics and Video Links/photos/sigys
3.No Double Posting
4.No Advertising Only Mu online that will be disscused here is
5.No Spying

!!! Under Constraction!!!

1. Swearing:
1st. time 1Day ban
2nd. time 3 days ban
3rd. time I will move u to Supper Fegots group and Ban acc permanently

2.1st time 5days ban
2nd time 10 days ban
3rd time acc ban and Supper Fagots group of course

3. enjoy only simple warning

4.Post will be deleted without notice
If u will post again 3 days ban

5.No mercy to spys Acc and IP permanent block and Super Fagots group will be good punishmant for them

Rules are under constraction same as Punisments!!!! Exclamation Arrow

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