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GrimReefer Ink Videos

Post by GrimReefer on Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:02 pm

I spend a lot of time making AMV's and I have some uploaded to YouTube... Pls check them out and rate them, they are mainly from the BLEACH Anime... and no, not from [ADULT SWIM] I get my BLEACH from dattebayo fansubs, LLC. I hope you enjoy my AMV's as much as I do Smile The Link to My YouTube Channel is:
Weedism's Channel A.K.A. GrimReefer Ink Videos

I have 5 good ones uploaded at the moment...
Vasto Lorde AMV Ichigo vs Ulquiorra PT I

Ichigo Bankai GWAR History End World

"Zombie" - The Cranberries

"I Will Not Bow" - Breaking Benjamin

"Adam's Song" - Blink 182
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